Stripe/Penny puppy pics
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Ch. Ragtag Runs With Scissors, JC x Wilhaus Xcel Slippery When Wet, SC, FCh

Both parents BAER and CERF normal

Puppies Whelped May 17th, 2004 - 6 dogs, 2 bitches


Puppies at 17 days old

 Guinea day17.jpg (57382 bytes)          Half collar.jpg (48757 bytes)           P and Party Girl.jpg (80109 bytes)            Red boy day 20.jpg (71677 bytes)

  Cowboy                  Half collar           Penny and 'Party Girl'      Red/Fawn Boy

Split color ear.jpg (46016 bytes)          Splotch and  half collar.jpg (75703 bytes)        Uno 20 days.jpg (62003 bytes)        red white girl.jpg (69566 bytes)

   'Split ear'              Splotch/Half collar               Uno              Red/White girl

More pics - 30 days old and as young adults