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Pups at at approx. 30 days.

            Cowboy                 Red/White Girl                Spear                        Ziggy                 Scissors and Spear

Cow 30 days.jpg (77449 bytes)           Redandwhite girl30.jpg (92221 bytes)            Spit ear 30.jpg (76990 bytes)    p7280389.jpg (127211 bytes)    p6120371.jpg (140256 bytes)   

Linda being 'helped' with stacking. Pups approx nine weeks.        

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   Ziggy, was 1/2 collar       Uno                   Tennison                Spear        Scissors, was red boy  Miss Peach/Party girl

Zippy 9 wks.jpg (88982 bytes)    uno.jpg (96023 bytes)    Tennison 9wks.jpg (71255 bytes)    Splear 9wks.jpg (76560 bytes)     Scissors2 9 wks.jpg (75593 bytes)       peachie.jpg (86321 bytes)   


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All done for today!!

The pups at approx. 18 months.

  So far we have shown Scissors and Tennison who are owned by us, and both have several points - Tennison winning her first major at Morris and Essex from BBE which was very exciting. Both youngsters are also AKC and ASFA pointed and have placements.

   Miss Peach has her JC; 1/2 Collar is now Froggy and was BOS in puppy sweeps at the Potomac Hound show and is pointed, including his first major; Ziggy is in Canada and is coursing; Cowboy is with us and has the first leg of his JC, but he and Uno (owned by a friend of ours in VA) are waiting their turn for a romp around the show ring. Spear went to live with his uncle in the Midwest and is another coursing demon.

                        Scissors                                                         Tennison

                Altnamara's Rock Paper Scissors, JC.                                    Altnamara's Prime Suspect, JC.