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Collars and leashes.

       We have a large selection of collars, from everyday wear, to luxurious special occasion beaded velvet collars.

Webbing Colours: 1" Red, burgundy, black, teal, emerald green, and royal blue.

                      3/4" Red and Black

      Ribbons:  We will have a ribbon display page ready soon, but in the interim please contact us for ribbon selection, or suggest a colour and allow us to choose for you.


       Martingales:  Are available either as collar/ Martingale collar.jpg (98587 bytes)leash combination, which has a             transparent slide for adjustment, or as a Martingale collar alone.




Martingale Collar/Leash Combo:  2" Wide - $29.00  3" Wide - $35.00

Martingale collar alone: 2" wide - $25.00   3" wide - $28.00


  Decorative Trim Collar:

   These collars consist of four layers of fabric: decorative fabric ondecorative trim collar.jpg (71008 bytes) the outside, cotton batting, interfacing, and a faux fur lining to protect the coat. The collar is finished with a pretty trim  Hard wearing. Many fabrics to choose from.


NEW! Decorative collars now available as Martingale collar/leash combo. Starting at $25.


Velvet Special Occasion Collar:

Beaded Velvet Collar.jpg (88474 bytes)I call this beautiful collar 'Special Occasion' because of the hand imprinted velvet and the beading. Having said that, my own whippets wear them when they go for walks, but they are taken off when they come home. Perfect for the Holiday Season, or simply for the dog who has everything! 

Velvet colours: Purple, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Red, and Emerald Green.

Patterns available: Fleur de Lis, (shown above) dragonfly, paw print, leaf, and star.

2" - $45.00


Sighthound collar.jpg (106705 bytes)Adjustable Sighthound Collar: This collar is 1" wide nylon webbing. Also available with decorative ribbon.


Prices: $10  With Ribbon: $17


wpe6.jpg (15579 bytes)  Slip leashes: For lure coursing. The collar is 2" wide webbing, lined with faux fur, and has an attached leash.


XS:  (Italian Greyhound) $16.00 

Sm: to Med: (Whippet, Basenji) $18.00

Med Large: (Ibizan, Saluki, Afghan, Pharaoh)  $22.00

L: (Deerhound, Borzoi, Greyhound) $24.00

X-L:  (Wolfhound) - $28.00


  Coursing Blankets

     These are cotton, or cotton blend, coursing blankets, in a set of three to a pack. There is elastic across the chest, and an elastic/Velcro™ closure. Blankets with ties available for an additional fee.

X Small (Italian Greyhounds)   coursing Penny.jpg (105719 bytes)

Small (Whippets, Basenjis)

Med (Ibizan, Pharaoh)

M/L (Rhodesian Ridgeback, Afghan) 

Large  (Deerhound, Borzoi, Greyhound),                

XL  (Irish Wolfhound)


XS-$15.00; Sm-18.00;  Med-$22.00; M/L-$24.00; 

L-$28.00; XL-$35.00  

Custom Blankets Available.

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