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Donation Time! 

We made a donation to the Louisville KC Legislation Fund while we were at the show in March, and today we made a second donation -$150! Thank you everyone! This is a test case and we need to help as much as possible - we can make a difference, but the fight continues! 

    Also, we've donated several aprons to various KC's and they have been, or will be, raffled off to raise funds. Thank you to the individuals for stepping up and organizing this.


   The aprons and towels below are $22, of which $2 will be donated to an organization fighting anti-pet legislation.  

To order, please contact Linda directly at deerhounds@hughes.net

    I am happy to deliver items to many upcoming shows - just let me know where you will be!

    Ideas, ideas, ideas....Give an apron or towel as a gift, a 'bonus', or do as one client is doing, donating an apron to her Club's auction/raffle, with the proceeds to go to an organization fighting anti-pet legislation. Great idea! I'm so inspired by the wonderful ideas and feedback from clients.

    Details.. details.. details... We typically ship Priority mail, but can send a scout to the post office for Overnight if someone needs an emergency grooming apron and/or towel :-)

   And more details..... VA residents, please add 5% sales tax.

     We accept payment by check (items ship after check clears) or by Paypal - please add 5% to cover fees.

    Below are the aprons and towels, we'll add more items as we go along. 

         Clarendon Script           Palace Script           Example of Towel

           Apron Clarendon copy.jpg (1215073 bytes)                    apron palace script copy.jpg (698568 bytes)        BSL green towel copy.jpg (1299599 bytes)    2007_0508April0006.JPG (1463192 bytes)

    As you can see we are offering two different fonts, and if purple is not your color, we also have Kelly Green, Bright Red, Royal Blue, and Khaki aprons. All aprons are treated with a stain repellent.

    Now, while you are at the dogs shows - flaunting your new apron and educating the public - your dog will need to have a nap, so why not drape his/her crate with a plush bath size towel and make a statement at the same time? Above is a sample done for a client, but towels bearing the same message as the apron are available. 

    The most popular color combinations for towels amongst dog show exhibitors, are the purple towel with gold writing, and the gold towel with purple writing, but many, many color combinations are available. Check back for more photos!

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