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Wet Down Blankets

    Wet Down Blankets are made from heavy patterned cotton, or cottonWet down blanket.jpg (138065 bytes) blend, terry cloth, and are edged with extra wide bias tape. The closure is 1" wide nylon web and Velcro™.  To use, soak in water then put on the dog to keep it cool after coursing, at dog shows, or just hanging around outside in warm weather. They are also used dry as a lightweight coat by handlers of coated breeds, to protect the dog's coat en route to the show ring.

Sizes:  XS (Italian Greyhound, S (Whippet, Basenji) Med (Ibizan, Pharaoh, Saluki) Med/L (Rhodesian Ridgeback, ex-racing Grey), Large (Deerhound, Borzoi, Greyhound)  XL. (Irish Wolfhound)


XS-$20.00: S-$22.00; Med-$30.00; M/L-$35.00; L-$40.00; XL-$48.00

Dog Coats

    Web page Penny 2.jpg (132437 bytes)Our dog coats are made for the particular body shape and needs of the sight hound. All coats consist of an outer shell plus a warm Polarfleece lining and snood. The  coats have a shaped chest piece, whichPenny Coat, front.jpg (178827 bytes) extends between the front legs and covers the brisket. There is a belt around the girth which fastens with two 'D' rings.

    We have many different fabrics available, from tartans to  sparkly Polarfleece - even faux snakeskin!  Please ask and we can tell you what we have in stock.


Whippet - $45.00;  Greyhound - $65.00; Deerhound/Borzoi - $75.

    Call for prices on other sighthound sizes.

Posh Panties

   Panties consist of two layers of 100% cotton - the lining isPenny panties.jpg (93482 bytes) cotton flannel.  For a perfect fit, there is a Velcro™ band around the top waist area, elastic on the underside to hold the panty against the stomach, and elastic around the tail opening. At the moment available only for Whippets, Deerhounds, and Greyhounds. 

Posh panties.jpg (122573 bytes)    


Whippet -  $20.00  With lace, add $3.00

Greyhound - $24.00 With lace, add $3.50

Deerhound - $28.00  With lace, add $4.50

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