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Ch. Altnamara's Jubilee Bentley (FVII clear) x DC Anoona of Celtic Scent, FCh. (FVII carrier)

Litter Whelped Jan 20, 2006

2 dogs, 5 bitches


Pedigree and Pics of Sire and Dam

*Please click on small photographs for a better view*

(white dots on coat are for ID purposes, not mismarks!)

   Puppies one day old

A and pups feeding.JPG (54319 bytes)    a pup in hand.JPG (40837 bytes)    pup pile.JPG (37615 bytes)    waving pup.JPG (42636 bytes)    close up puppy profile.JPG (57974 bytes)

Puppies six days old

full to the brim.JPG (55344 bytes)    honestly, I can't eat another thing.JPG (71613 bytes)        Let me tell you a story...JPG (82879 bytes)    mum and pups day 6.JPG (46753 bytes)    coy pup.JPG (59754 bytes)


Pups 21 days old

It has been a big couple of days, pups are starting to eat gruel with interesting results!

wrestling team.JPG (52301 bytes)    hair puller.JPG (52552 bytes)    my leg tastes soooo good.JPG (45467 bytes)    mine all mine.JPG (47455 bytes)    sibs should always share.JPG (50621 bytes)    wanna share a napkin.JPG (40337 bytes)

after lunch.JPG (40237 bytes)    mvc-008s.jpg (42188 bytes)    Grandpa Gunny says 'I like gruel too you know......' Gunny muddy nose.JPG (58009 bytes)

Pups at five weeks. 

button.jpg (50019 bytes)    Jamie and pup.jpg (57855 bytes)

Pups at six and a half weeks.

ned and java 2.jpg (118214 bytes)    solo pup.JPG (81018 bytes)    watchful mum.JPG (67818 bytes)    pup on hill.JPG (73532 bytes)    pup beside tree.JPG (81467 bytes)

Eight weeks. First visit to Dr Escobar.

first vet visit copy.jpg (81585 bytes)

       Dr E and Bobbi copy.jpg (57630 bytes)